The Materials for the MJA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting Are Now Available in the Member’s Area

Please click HERE to access materials including agenda, minutes, and annual committee reports.

Instructions for connecting to the meeting:

To participate, use this link for the MJA September 15 meeting at 12:00 noon:

This is your invite!  All parties should do one of the following to join the meeting at the time of the call:

Please use the Zoom “rename” function to use your actual name (rather than a staffmember’s name, device name, or phone number) to assist us with confirming your virtual attendance.

Please find attached a draft agenda for the membership meeting.

When you log in, you will find yourself in the MJI waiting room, and all members will be admitted to the meeting at once, at noon (if you’re late, you’ll be admitted as soon as you log in). Please mute yourself to minimize audio issues (use the Zoom “raise hand” function to be recognized – and unmute yourself before speaking).