The Rules Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed changes to the Court Rules.  They may make recommendations to the Executive Committee to either adopt, oppose or modify the proposed changes.  They may also be asked by members of the Association to propose new Court Rules or draft amendments to current Rules.  The Committee Chair monitors the status of all Administrative Orders after having been reviewed and will advise the membership when the Supreme Court acts.

Committee Chair:

Hon. Margaret Zuzich Bakker

Committee Members:

Hon. Laura L. Baird

Hon. Janice K. Cunningham

Hon. Jeffrey Dufon

Hon. Kathleen A. Feeney

Hon. Stephen D. Gorsalitz

Hon. Richard Halloran

Hon. Charles Hegarty

Hon. Kathy L. Hoogstra

Hon. Julie Phillips

Hon. Kirsten Frank Kelly

Hon. Brian Kirkham

Hon. Tina Yost Johnson

Hon. Jon A. Van Allsburg