The Family Law Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed legislation, Court Rules, Rules of Evidence and Administrative Orders that may have an impact on the Family Court Judges across the State.  They will make recommendations to the Executive Committee to  support, oppose or modify the matters they review.  Members are often called upon to serve on various work groups with DHS and SCAO.  They may also draft proposals for new Court Rules or Statutes if they feel they are needed.

Family Law Committee Co-Chairs:

Hon. Kathleen A. Feeney                                              Hon. Brian Kirkham


Rules Committee Chair:  

Hon. Margaret Bakker

Committee Members:

Hon. Laura Baird

Hon. Janice K. Cunningham

Hon. Jeffrey Dufon

Hon. Stephen D. Gorsalitz

Hon. Richard Halloran

Hon. Charles Hegarty

Hon. Kathy L. Hoogstra

Hon. Susan Hubbard

Hon. Tina Yost Johnson

Hon. Julie Phillips

Hon. Jon A. Van Allsburg

Hon. Carol Kuhnke