This committee is chaired by two members and consists of Judges with prior legislative experience.  The committee reviews all legislation that concerns the administration of justice including legislation requested by any of the other committees.  They work closely with our legislative liaisons Tim Ward of Michigan Legislative Consultants.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Hon. Charles T. LaSata

Hon. Christopher Yates, Co-Chair


Committee Members:

Hon. Annette J. Berry

Hon. Jack Gillis

Hon. Thomas R. Evans

Hon. Edward Ewell, Jr.

Hon. Michael F. Gadola

Hon. Michael P. Hatty

Hon. Jennifer Mazzuchi

Hon. Shalina D. Kumar

Hon. Alexander C. Lipsey

Hon. Brock Swartzle

Hon. Mark S. Switalski

Hon. Susan Hubbard

Hon. Janice Cunningham

Hon. Scott Hill-Kennedy

Hon. Edward Joseph

Hon. Michelle Rick

Hon. Jon VanAllsburg

Hon. Tracey Yokich